Old Woman Bay

Old Woman Bay in Ontario has a gorgeous secluded beach surrounded by cliffs

Old Woman Bay is one of those spectacular places in Ontario that'll transport you somewhere far away, featuring a stunning sandy beach surrounded by towering pine trees and tall cliffs.

Located within Lake Superior Provincial Park, you'll find the bay almost 9 hours from Toronto. While it's definitely a trek, the one-of-a-kind scenery is so striking and serene that it should definitely make your travel bucket list.

Upon arrival, you'll immediately notice where the bay got its name from: looking out across the horizon, the 200-metre-tall cliffs resemble the face of an elderly woman.

The long, sandy beach stretches for 3 km along the shores of Lake Superior, flanked with smooth driftwood that's washed up in the waves.

In fact, it's often regarded as one of the most picturesque beaches in the region, with clean and clear waters contrasting against the spectacular sheer cliff faces and dense forests surroudning it. Be warned that like most beaches on Lake Superior, the water is almost always chilly.

Old Woman Bay is also a haven for wildlife and is home to a diverse array of species. Birdwatchers can spot everything from loons to bald eagles, while moose, foxes, and black bears call the forest home.

Lake Superior is also teeming with tons of fish species, making the bay a popular destination for anglers.

If the beach isn't for you, you can go for a hike around the bay and get a beautiful bird's eye view of the area. Follow the Nokomis Trail, a 5-km round-trip trek leading to fantastic lookout points.

While you can't camp at Old Woman Bay, it's the perfect place to spend the day, with washrooms, benches, and picnic tables readily available. If it works with your timing, it's also an amazing place for stargazing.

The seasonal park is technically only open from May through October, but during the winter, it's also an incredible destination where you might find the formation of rare ice caves.

Daily vehicle parking permits are required at Old Woman Bay and can be reserved online up to five days in advance.

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Lynda McFaul

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