McGinnis Lake Ontario

McGinnis Lake is a rare turquoise wonder you can visit in Ontario

McGinnis Lake is a destination that should be added to any spring road trip that explores the vast variety of stunning natural landscapes in Ontario.  

This unique wonder is found just over a two-hour drive from Toronto and sparkles a brilliant turquoise colour in the sun which is layered with green and blue hues.

Located in Petroglyphs Provincial Park, McGinnis Lake is one of the only meromictic lakes in Canada. It gets its vibrancy as a result of the layers not intermixing.

The water at the bottom of McGinnis Lake hasn’t moved or been exposed to oxygen for thousands of years. This allows for special organisms to survive on the waterbed, and gives the water its incredibly vivid layered effect.

The short 1.6 km McGinnis Loop Trail will lead you to the lake, with several picnic tables along the way to stop and take in the view.

While the water is unsuitable for swimming, the striking turquoise hue of the water makes for an incredible sight and photo opportunity.

Besides McGinnis Lake, Petroglyphs Provincial Park has so many other beautiful areas to explore. The park is home to the largest-known collection of petroglyphs (Indigenous rock carvings) in Canada, you can see them at a sacred site known as "The Teaching Rocks". 

There are also several additional hiking trails which will lead you through thick pine forests, past wetlands, and limestone rock outcrops.

The park reopens for the season on May 12 and will be open for day use from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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