Beamer Falls Ontario

Beamer Conservation Area near Niagara has stunning hidden waterfalls to discover

Beamer Memorial Conservation Area may be known for its stunning panoramic views of the Niagara Escarpment, but there is also a quiet trail within the park which leads you to beautiful waterfalls.

Located just off the highway in the town of Grimsby, the conservation area is a hidden gem featuring the 40 Mile Creek Valley, the remains of several old mills, an abandoned quarry, and two waterfalls.

Upper Beamer Falls is the larger of the two and is a washboard cascade waterfall. Lower Beamer Falls is a smaller plunge waterfall further downstream in the forest.

Many of the trails within Beamer Memorial Conservation Area are interconnected, even joining the famous Bruce Trail which runs from the Niagara River to the tip of Tobermory.

The Beamer Falls Access Trail will take you to Upper Beamer Falls, although the path is a bit difficult to follow. It will lead you across Ridge Road and to a bridge, which will lend you views of the falls from above.

However, the best views will be further along the trail past the Grimsby Scouts building, eventually taking you down to the riverbed of Forty Mile Creek and the base of Upper Beamer Falls.

To get to Lower Beamer Falls, there are no trail markers, but following the shoreline downstream will bring you to the 6 metre tall plunge waterfall.

Despite being one of the smaller conservation areas in the Niagara Region, Beamer Memorial Conservation Area is packed with picturesque sights to explore. 

Due to its location, the conservation area is also internationally recognized as an official Important Bird Area. From March to May, the warm spring breezes create ideal updrafts for the hawk migration, making it one of the best vantage points for birders.

If you plan to visit, the conservation area is free to access year-round and has several free parking lots for your convenience.

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Jordan Walmsley

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