Hoggs Falls trail ontario

Hogg's Falls in Ontario comes with breathtaking waterfalls that freeze over during the winter

While most who head north to Grey County in the winter primarily head there for the ski hills, the area has so much picturesque scenery to explore once the snow falls.

During your next trip up, consider stopping by Hogg's Falls, a small but picturesque waterfall on the Niagara Escarpment. Located on the Boyne River just east of Flesherton, Hogg's Falls is about a 2 hour drive north of Toronto and 40 minutes from Blue Mountain.

Hogg's Falls is 25 feet in height with a crest of about 45 feet. As temperatures drop, the falls will slowly begin to ice over, creating a spectacular sight to see.

The Bruce Trail leads you past the falls, as it winds around the steep Beaver River valley. In the winter, the trail is transformed into a stunning sight of snow and freezing ice, lined with beautiful evergreen trees along the path.

The hike itself is fairly easy, with a well-maintained and clearly marked trail suitable for hikers of all abilities. If you follow the Hogg's Falls Loop, it will lead you on a moderate 3.7 km loop past the falls.

There is a small parking lot just upstream from Hoggs Falls and access is free. However, the lot is not maintained during the winter months, so plan accordingly and wear appropriate footwear.

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James Westby

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