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Toronto airport was a total mess again this weekend with dozens of flights cancelled

The saga of troubles continues at Pearson Airport in Toronto, with dozens of flights cancelled yesterday.

Former NHL player and host of hockey podcast, Spittin' Chiclets Ryan Whitney was one of many people who took to Twitter to air out his frustrations.

Whitney took to Twitter to explain that after standing in a customs line for three hours, his flight from Toronto to Boston was cancelled.

In a video posted on Twitter, he explained that there was a "400 person line with two Air Canada workers."

Whitney said that after waiting in another line for six hours, he had to pass through Canadian customs again.

This isn't the first time Pearson Airport has received an onslaught of complaints.

With summer travel season back in full swing, Pearson has become notorious for its massive delays and extended wait times.

Similar to Whitney, multiple other Twitter users reported having to re-enter Canadian customs after finding out their flight was cancelled.

According to the airport's departure board, dozens of Air Canada flights to other Canadian and U.S. cities were cancelled yesterday.

Some Twitter users even claimed the cancellations resulted in them losing their baggage.

Others complained that the cancellations left them stranded at the airport with no hotel accommodations.

Air Canada spokesperson Peter Fitzpatrick told blogTO that airport and airline operations have been impacted by staffing issues.

"Long processing times at airports and other restrictions have resulted in flight delays and in some instances cancellations and these can have knock-on effects not only for our customers but can also impact our employee resources and operations," he said.

Fitzpatrick explained that reasons for cancellations can include aircrafts being held at the gate longer than expected, and cancellations of preceding flights.

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