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You can now pick your own flowers at Canada's biggest dahlia farm in Ontario

We all romanticize going flower picking - frolicking through a forest or meadow and collecting a beautiful bouquet on the way - but realistically, where can you actually go to find these beautiful flowers?

Is there a particular place you have in mind?

Colour Pops, an Ontario based flower farm in Windsor, may be the perfect place to go. It's the biggest dahlia farm close to Toronto that allows visitors to drop by and pick their own bouquets.Β 

The farm has a gorgeous selection of flowers that rotate according to the season, teasing a vibrant bouquet of Ranunculus (similar to roses) at the beginning of April, and of course, different types of dahlias - in fact, over 30,000 species are currently growing at the farm.Β 

Colour Pops also hosts other fun activities during the dahlia season like dahlia yoga, Saturday date nights and enchanted garden scavenger hunts.

Whatever you're down for, it's best to come anywhere between late July until late September, with the flowers reaching peak bloom around mid August.Β 

If you're not keen on traveling to Windsor, Colour Pops sells their own dahlia seeds too, so you can grow your own flower farm at home. They also offer a detailed guide on how to take care of these flowers which can be purchased on their website.Β 

Colour Pops is open every Wednsday, Saturday and Sunday, with "Pick Your Own Dahlia"Β tickets starting at $42. Tickets are required to enter the farm, so make you you buy in advance!

More details about tickets and dates and be found on Colour Pop's website or on their Instagram page.

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