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Here's what you need to know about cottage rentals in Ontario this summer

Cottage rentals in Ontario will likely continue to be a popular way to get away this summer even with travel restrictions loosening. Last summer saw an unprecedented amount of short-term rentals, and once you've gotten a taste of stress-free, close-to-home trips, it's hard to go back. 

So, it might just be another year of playing it safe for a lot of us, but there are a few things to keep in mind if you're going to get the most out of your escape to cottage country. 

Here's what you need to know when it comes to renting a cottage in Ontario this summer.

Book early 

Gone are the days of booking a property a few days before taking off for the weekend. Especially if this summer is anything like last year, you're gonna want to book well in advance, preferably now. 

Booking will go a lot smoother if you know the type of experience you want, it never hurts to put together a list of must-haves. 

Are you looking for a luxurious, spacious cottage with all of the amenities you could wish for, or are you okay roughing it, even going without indoor plumbing for a few nights? Do you want to be near a town, or beach or would you rather a cabin surrounded by forest? 

There are all types of cottages in Ontario, so knowing what you're looking for will help narrow down the search. 

Consider other ways to save on costs 

Booking early is one way to get a better price, but finding a cottage in a slightly less popular area can also help you save some cash. That's to say avoid Lake Muskoka, in fact, saying goodbye to the waterfront, in general, will save you big time. 

Renting with a larger group will also help as you'll be splitting the costs between more people.

Check the cancellation policy

The extenuating circumstances policy on Airbnb only applies if you've contracted C**ID, so if this happens to affect your travel plans in any way, your host's cancellation policy will apply. 

That's why it's best to opt for a flexible cancellation policy. You can even check the 'Only show stays that offer free cancellation' filter when looking for cottages on Airbnb to really play it safe. 

Be wary of rental scams 

Online rentals scams increased by 15 per cent between 2019 and 2020 with Canadians losing around $586k, according to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre (CAFC). 

If you find a cottage online from somewhere other than Airbnb or a  similarly reputable rental site, arrange a phone call with the owner to see about visiting the property before booking your rental. This will help ensure the spot isn't a scam. 

Remember the pandemic isn't over 

Ontario might've lifted all remaining restrictions, and although this brings some relief, we're not completely out of the woods yet.

Make sure to respect group limits when booking your spot, social distance when out and about in cottage country and bring some essentials (i.e. hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes). 

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