niagara falls frozen

Niagara Falls is completely frozen over and it's so incredibly beautiful right now

Although the freezing temperatures can be dreadful, cool things tend to happen when it drops well below zero degrees including a frozen harbour and unique ice formations.

If you want to catch a glimpse of a massive body of water that's starting to freeze over, head over to Niagara Falls, only an hour away from Toronto.

Visiting the frozen falls is a must-do activity during the cold months.

The falls are the one place that gets even more breathtaking as the temperature dips.

Visitors brave the cold every winter to take a glimpse of the frozen falls.

With views like these, it truly feels like you've been transported to a winter wonderland.

Snow and ice have covered the surrounding area of the falls, making some parts look like you're in Narnia.

Photos from both the Canadian and American sides of the falls show that despite the frigid temperatures, the water is still flowing.

Massive icicles have also been seen hanging over the sides of the rocks, creating a beautiful yet eerie photo.

Photographers flock every winter to get some epic shots.

With some even going under the (approved parts of the) falls to get the best photos.

The falls may seem beautiful but it's good to remember that the temperatures will be frigid. If you want to visit, make sure to bundle up or you will also be frozen just like the falls.

Lead photo by

Phil Marion

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