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You can skate on a magical ice trail through a forest near Toronto this winter

Skating through a tree covered path, lit by only torchlights and the night sky may seem like something directly out of a Hallmark Christmas movie or a children's fairy tale about ice princesses but it's a real thing happening near Toronto this winter.

Arrowhead Provincial Park is about a three hour drive north of the city and absolutely worth the road trip for those looking to experience winter in a way that doesn't involve grey sludge and salt damaged boots.

The popular park is home to some of the province's best beaches and hiking trails during the summer, but when snowfall comes it becomes a winter wonderland that you need to see to believe.

Without the city's light pollution getting in the way, the beautiful night sky is often lit up with stars. Yet, as if that wasn't enough of a romantic fairy tale, the skating path often has torchlights illuminating the place providing that sort of natural glow only a flickering flame can provide.

When the trail is lit up, it's referred to as "fire and ice night," an event that sees people from across the province travel to experience the 1.3km long trail with friends, family, and loved ones.

However, even without the full fire and ice experience, the skating trail is still worth checking out, slicing through the ice between gorgeous nature with plenty of wildlife available to be spotted along the path for those perfect Insta-worthy moments.

The opening date of the trail is currently unknown as it is dependent on several cold days in a row so that the skating trail can be properly iced and maintained for a smooth surface that is ideal for skating.

Currently, the Ontrario Trails team expects that the trail is likely to open around the first week of January.

If you've ever wanted to experience the sort of winter wonderland that rarely exists out of made for TV movies, a trip up to Arrowhead Provincial Park should be moved near the top of this winter's to-do list.

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Arrowhead Provincial Park

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