Tiny Marsh Provincial Wildlife Area

This wildlife area near Toronto has trails through a lush marsh and beautiful lookouts

A name like Tiny Marsh might have you overlooking this provincial wildlife area as your next nature outing, but that would be a big mistake.

There are over 1,480 acres (600 hectares) of marsh and 740 acres (300 hectares) of lush field and forest to explore at this spot that's brimming with wildlife and incredible views just an hour and a half from Toronto.

Although that may not be quite as impressive as the 3,860 acres of marsh at Point Pelee, it's certainly more than you'd expect from a place with "tiny" right in its title. 

Tiny Marsh is located near Elmvale in Simcoe County and is the first provincially owned and managed wetland in the province. It also happens to be a significant bird area.

About 250 different species of birds have been spotted at the marsh including ospreys, over 10 different types of ducks, and the provincially rare black terns and least bitterns.

Although the area is obviously a mecca for birdwatchers and photographers, anyone will enjoy the 15 kilometres of trails that wind through the wetland. 

The longest trail is just over eight kilometres in length and leads out to a large dike in the middle of the marsh. An abundant bog stretches out on either side and turtles, birds and frogs are all common sightings on the walk.

Another option is the 1.7-kilometre Habitat Trail which will bring you to a boardwalk with lookouts and an observation tower for vantage points over the extremely biodiverse landscape. 

Canoeing is another great way to get around the marsh. Paddlers are just asked to be careful of wildlife, especially from April to June, which is nesting season.

If you plan on visiting this summer, make sure to practice safe physical distancing and pick up after yourself to leave the area as beautiful as you found it. 

Wye Marsh, offering even more boardwalks and wildlife viewing opportunities, is also located just 30 minutes away if you're in an especially marshy mood and want to make a full day of it. 

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MTM Conservation Association

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