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Toronto tattoo studio is now offering a luxury camping experience

A Toronto tattoo studio has a new experience combining luxury camping, the outdoors and getting inked — all in one weekend.

Chronic Ink is offering a weekend retreat, billed as a "luxury tattoo experience" on Glen Oro Farm, which includes an overnight stay in a glamping dome or similar accommodation combined with a session with one of six tattoo artists on Aug. 13 and 14.

"It's definitely a little bit different," Josh Skrupskas, Chronic Ink, branding and partnership manager, tells blogTO.

Skrupskas says Chronic Ink often looks for unique partnerships and when a staff member visited Glen Oro Farm, they came up with the idea to offer the experience.

It is about getting back to nature and away from the city.

"During COVID everyone has been cooped up inside and we know that people want to get out, they want to get away and disconnect," Skrupskas says.

The tattoo sessions will be set up in glamping tents, separate from where the guests are staying. The tents and equipment will be sterilized as if it were a normal tattoo studio, says Skrupskas.

"We still have to follow all the same health guidelines as set by the government so it will be as clean as coming to the studio."

After the session, guests can enjoy the outdoors – the farm has a wetland, a beautiful valley and many ancient, giant trees including maple, oak, beech, cedar, walnut, birch and pine. They also have horseback riding trail rides, which need to be booked in advance.

Chronic Ink is looking forward to getting back to business. Like hair salons, restaurants and gyms, life for tattoo studios has been rough during the lockdowns.

"I think in the last 16 months we have only been open for four or five so for artists, staff, for everyone, it has been difficult."

chronic ink tattoo

After the tattoo session there will be time to enjoy nature on the farm.

Chronic Ink was unsure about how popular the idea to offer a luxury camping trip and tattoo session.

"At first we were thinking will people like this?"

So back in April they held a giveaway contest for a tattoo session and stay at Glen Oro and had about 20,000 entries.

The August experience is also nearly sold out — only one spot was available out of 14.

Skrupskas hopes they can offer another experience in the future.

"Glen Oro Farm, their staff is amazing, it is super fun to be there, so I could definitely see it continuing."

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