OVINO sheep farm

The largest sheep dairy farm in Canada just opened near Toronto

Toronto's known for a few animals. Raccoons, IKEA monkeys, and now... sheep?

That's right, OVINO, Canada's largest sheep dairy farm just opened in Acton, Ontario, just half an hour West of Brampton. The facility will eventually house over 2,000 sheep and create a variety of sheep-milk products.

Unlike cow's milk, sheep milk is free from A1 beta-casein protein which has been associated with digestive discomfort. As a result, many people who are lactose intolerant find that they have no problem consuming dairy from sheep.

"Many Toronto residents are lactose intolerant or simply cannot drink cow milk but have no issues enjoying sheep milk and sheep milk products," said Jay Akras, Business Development Manager, OVINO to blogTO.


The sheep farm in Acton, Ontario.

"Sheep milk is also a super milk and packs almost double the nutritional value of cow milk in terms of higher protein, minerals, and vitamins. Unlike goat milk, sheep milk is similar to cow milk in flavour while being naturally creamier and sweeter."

Starting this weekend, people will be able to book farm tours where they'll get to see the sheep and sample some of the unique products. Once COVID restrictions are further lifted, the OVINO team plans to do a grand opening.

Before long, don't be surprised if your barista asks if you want sheep's milk mixed into your coffee.

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