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Scalpers are reselling Ontario parks reservations as demand for camping skyrockets

Everyone knows how hard it is to find an apartment to stay at in Toronto, but apparently finding a campsite is becoming just as difficult.

A number of people have voiced their displeasure on social media after discovering that scalpers appear to be using bots to buy and resell reservations at Ontario parks.

"No wonder there's so many issues booking. Is there anything that can be done about this?" said one Twitter user.

An attached screenshot showed the sheer number of reservations that were being listed on Kijiji, many of which had already been sold.

The listings come following calls for Ontario Parks to introduce anti-scalping software or put pressure on these people to prevent resellers from profitting off others looking to enjoy a few nights in nature.

When contacted by blogTO, the booking agency for Ontario Parks said they were aware of the issue.

"We've only seen what's been put on the news and social media, as far as we know, any concerns about this have been passed forward to the Ontario Parks headquarters," a booking agent told blogTO.

With Toronto expected to soon enter another strict lockdown, the desire to get out of the city has never been higher. With concerts and live events still shut down for the time being, scalpers seem to have turned their attention elsewhere.

Everyone's hoping the issue can get resolved as living in Toronto is already expensive enough — leaving it shouldn't be also.

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