Theatre Review: 24U2C

Since this is a time of much theatre in the city, you'll notice that in addition to the weekly "Thursday Theatre Review", I will also be putting up posts on shows on other days for the next few weeks. So, without further ado, on with our first supplemental theatre review.

24U2C is a co-production by Bound To Create Theatre and Good Company Theatre, playing at the Diesel Playhouse. The production, as the title suggests, is in fact two plays - both short one-act comedies. You may have noticed it listed in yesterday's "This Week in Theatre".

My show-partner this week was Matt, who positions himself as "a musician with a taste for the theatrical side". He enjoyed the shows and pointed specifically to the fast moving and witty nature of the pieces. He said "they were short enough to be entertaining without getting drawn out". I agree wholeheartedly. Both shows had me. We also both enjoyed the pairing of the actors in each show, they all played very well off each other.

Interestingly, Matt and I both found our favourite parts in the first play, even though we both enjoyed the second piece. Matt liked the way the two characters in the first play were so similar but didn't seem to have any clue on their similarities. For me the first show was very satisfying for my inner theatre-geek. I loved the theatrical nature of the synchronicities of the characters in personality and physicality, the dropping in of a Waiting For Godot, a bit of Shakespeare thrown in for good measure. Matt's not a theatre-geek, so he didn't specifically pick up on these, but his experience was not lessened by that at all, it's more just that for me it was like an added bonus.

As for a least favourite part, Matt said he could have done without the musical interlude. I have to agree. Before and after intermission a musical duo played and sang to the audience from the side of the room, but it just didn't fit in with the context of the show. I think I would have enjoyed them more if they perhaps played through an extended intermission instead, so that it would be more of a bar vibe. It wasn't that I hated the music or anything; it just didn't seem to belong.

Like last week's theatre outing, for not much more than the price of going to a movie, this was a great way to spend an evening out. It might not be profound or thought provoking, but it was a great light evening of funny fast moving theatre. Also, just for fun, you might want go so you can see blogTO's own Jack Grinhaus on stage!


- Runs until April 1st at the Diesel Playhouse.
- Showtimes are at 8pm, except for Sunday which is a 2:30 matinee
- Tickets are $15

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