rogers centre seating

Here's what it's like to sit in every new type of seat at the Rogers Centre

New and improved seating awaits Toronto Blue Jays fans at the Rogers Centre this season, part of the latest round of a $400 million renovation that aims to transform the 35-year-old multipurpose stadium into a true ballpark.

Upgrades to the hulking old dome have notably reduced capacity by 12 per cent (cutting another five per cent in the latest off-season renos), all in an effort to improve the fan experience.

At blogTO, we care deeply about the well-being of your butts and took it upon ourselves to test out all of the new seating for an honest review covering how hospitable each level of cushioning is to enjoy (or perhaps endure) a multi-hour ballgame.

Here is the low-down on how your low-down parts will fare in the newly renovated 100 level at the Rogers Centre.

Home Plate Reserved (Upper)

With about an inch of cushioning, these are a clear improvement, but nothing spectacular. However, we will hold back on the praise and say that these seats are "okay," and have "a good width."
Rating: 7/10

rogers centre seating

Home Plate Reserved (Lower)

Getting into the lower half of this section, your butt will be able to tell the difference with much thicker cushioning than the seats just a few rows above.
Rating: 8/10

Premium Club Seating 

These are the most premium seats you can buy that aren't in a luxury box, and the famous Home Plate Lady is looking at a major upgrade in comfort this season.

Sure, these seats don't recline, and if you lean your head back, there's this plastic bit bonking the back of your skull, but plush cushioning more than makes up for this.
Rating: 9/10

rogers centre seating

Baseline Reserved Seating

No cushioning here, but fans sitting along the reconfigured 100 level's baselines can still expect an upgrade over the old seats with wider seats offering improved legroom, slatted backs with better airflow, and, perhaps most importantly, cupholders.
Rating: 6/10

rogers centre seating

Classic Seats

A few of the removed classic seats (which you can't actually purchase tickets for, sorry) were left on display for media to compare during Thursday's preview, though these faced away from the action.

With retro feels and the added benefit that "If the Jays are losing, you don't have to see it," the classic seats earned the highest rating of all.
Rating: 100/10

rogers centre seating

Fans will be able to park themselves in these seats for the first time when the Toronto Blue Jays host the Seattle Mariners at their home opener on Monday, April 8.

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Fareen Karim

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