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Toronto Raptor Gradey Dick is a cat dad but his kitty's name will make you gag

He hasn't even played one game for the Toronto Raptors yet, but new first-round draft pick Gradey Dick has already won over the fanbase with his unique style and side-splitting sense of humour.

The latter is probably best exemplified by the Bengal cat purchased on a whim by the 19-year-old prospect in March, which he named — and you might want to cover the kids' eyes for this one — Milky.

Milky Dick.

If you omit the outrageously suggestive name, the story behind Milky Dick is actually kind of heartwarming.

Gradey Dick became obsessed with Bengal kitties as a Kansas Jayhawks freshman this season following a dominant performance in a big win against Missouri — a team which uses an anthropomorphic Bengal tiger as its mascot.

So, being the wildcard that Gradey Dick is, he commemorated this career high point by adopting a Bengal (his first-ever cat) and giving it an entirely ridiculous name.

Dick was quoted in the Athletic as saying, “I was like, oh snap, that represents our win [...] so I'm gonna get it.”

Dick — appearing in a robe with a wine glass full of milk — showed off his feline companion in a new ad from Kansas Men's Basketball that features about as much Milky as Gradey. It's hilarious and only slightly upsetting, but the former easily cancels out the latter.

Dick clearly has a strong bond with his little buddy, and even posted an adorable TikTok where he refers to Milky as his child.

@gradeydick My child😸 #fypシ #xybca ♬ original sound - Uli Lepe

The 13th-overall pick's personality and style have reinvigorated a dejected fanbase coming off of a disappointing Raptors season, and he's bringing his pal Milky too.

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