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A Toronto esports team just had their fingers insured for $1 million

Today in bizarre sports news (if you can even call esports actual sports), members of a professional Call of Duty esports team based in Toronto just had their fingers insured for as much as $1 million per person.

Media and telecom giant Bell announced on Tuesday that, in partnership with esports team Toronto Ultra, it had insured each individual finger of team members for up to $1 million combined, marking a first for a professional esports team in Canada.

"From texting, to typing and gaming, fingers are essential to the sport, and now the team is fully covered when they compete at the end of the month at the Bell-sponsored Call of Duty League Major V Tournament," reads a statement from the corporation.

The tournament, which will be hosted in Toronto from May 25 through May 28 before sellout crowds, will mark the debut of Ultra team members' newly-insured fingers on esports "athletes," including Jamie "Insight" Craven, Tobias "CleanX" Jønsson, Thomas "Scrap" Ernst, and Charlie "Hicksy" Hicks.

Insuring body parts is really nothing new in the sports and entertainment world. Celebrities, including Jennifer Lopez, have famously taken out a staggering multi-million policies on their butts and other physical attributes, while athletes have similarly insured body parts deemed crucial to their success.

Star pitchers are known to take out insurance policies on their arms, and soccer players often insure their legs. This guarantees a healthy payout should an injury or accident sideline their careers.

One particularly notable example from the sports world occurred in 2010, when Spanish Formula One driver Fernando Alonso insured his thumbs for over $13 million.

It was a strange enough story at the time to garner news headlines across the world, but here we are just 13 years later, insuring the fingers of Call of Duty players for $1 million per person.

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