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These AI-generated Toronto Blue Jays mascots are both terrifying and hilarious

The Toronto Blue Jays aren't exactly known for having the most memorable mascot. From the controversial BJ Birdy, to the short-lived Diamond, and, of course, the current forgettable Ace, few outside of Canada would be able to name Jays mascots, past or present, if put on the spot.

Jays fans have never really connected with mascots on the same level as higher-profile ballpark personalities like the Phillie Phanatic or Mr. Met.

Even much newer mascots like the (NHL) Philadelphia Flyers' Gritty (Philly clearly understands mascots) have been able to establish themselves with more recognition than Toronto's Ace in just a few short years on the scene.

But one sports writer has found a possible solution to replace Toronto's underwhelming baseball mascot, using the coming-for-your-job-soon menace of artificial intelligence.

Dan Szymborski, a writer at FanGraphs and ESPN contributor, asked AI software to design some new mascot ideas for the Toronto Blue Jays, resulting in 16 new mascots that range from hilarious to downright terrifying.

Some of the AI-generated mascots look mostly harmless, if not somewhat cute, like the happy little chonky baby Jay seen in the top left of the second slide.

Comparisons to children's characters from properties like H.R. Pufnstuf and Fraggle Rock seem to straddle the margin between cute and disturbing.

AI generations have a tendency to unintentionally nail the uncanny valley effect, making viewers slightly uncomfortable if not frightened.

Some of the AI creations fall closer to horror than kid-friendly ballpark entertainment.

And while we're on the topic of kid-friendly, the AI generator apparently tried to sneak a less-than-appropriate joke in with one of the mascots' jerseys.

However, there have been many positive reactions to the generated mascots. "Every last one of these is better than Ace," reads one comment. Another says, "I actually think they are adorable."

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Dan Szymborski

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