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Toronto Maple Leafs fans sing U.S. anthem after singer mic fail and reactions are priceless

Some technical difficulties kicked off the fun at Scotiabank Arena during the Toronto Maple Leafs' Monday night home game versus the Buffalo Sabres, but fans were there to save the day.

Singer Natalie Morris made it through the first line of the American anthem, but due to a microphone malfunction, her voice could barely be heard by fans in the arena or those watching at home.

The crowd did not skip a beat, quickly jumping into action and taking over for Morris.

Fans belted out the majority of the anthem, doing a pretty impressive job according to social media reactions.

"Tremendous show of tradition and respect for the game and its participants," said one self-identified "through and through" Bruins fan, adding, "leafs fans just earned some respect back with that one. [...] classy move Toronto."

Even those who make hating the Leafs a defining character trait are on board with the level of respect shown by the crowd at Scotiabank Arena on Monday night.

U.S. hockey fans seem, in general, pretty pleased with Canadians, though (and not to nitpick) they really need to work on their Americanized spelling of words like "neighbours."

A few fans are wondering aloud whether the same courtesy would be extended if a mic outage were to cut out the Canadian anthem in a U.S. arena.

The fans might have been just a tad too inspirational for their American neighbours, as the Sabres would come back from a two-goal deficit with four unanswered goals to defeat the Leafs.

The Leafs sit in second place in the Atlantic Division with a four-point lead over the Tampa Bay Lightning, and time is ticking down to the start of the playoffs this spring.

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