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Outraged Raptors fans want to start a petition to get better jersey designs

Toronto Raptors fans got a first leaked glimpse at the team's 2022-23 City Edition jersey at the end of October, and many fans are taking to social media to call out a perceived lack of creativity in the design.

The backlash has been swift since leaked photos began to spread via social media on October 30, and the jerseys have been met with everything from memes to outright hatred for their simple look and resemblance to previous years' designs.

The team's subreddit — the second most-viewed team subreddit after that of the Los Angeles Lakers — has been a particularly lively hotbed of criticism, littered with memes at the expense of the new jersey design.

The leaked photo shows that the team has once again gone with OVO colours for its City Edition, to the disappointment of fans who were hoping for a change of pace.

Many want the team to get back to its roots with the classic expansion-era purple dinosaur look.

It's clearly a very important topic for some, including one fan who is now calling for a petition to get better jersey designs.

The fan calling for the petition on Reddit says, "The Raptors have had arguably the best jerseys ever made but In recent years the designs continue to get worse and worse. I feel like we need to make it well known more that were not happy with these jersey designs and want the same quality as before."

A few memes have taken specific aim at the team's oft-used chevron detailing, something a vocal group of fans seem to want to be put to bed for good.

If this all sounds familiar, Raptors fans have a bit of a reputation for reacting negatively to new jersey designs. It was just one year ago when a similar wave of criticism followed the reveal of the NBA's 2021-22 Nike NBA City Edition team uniforms.

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