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Someone climbed Toronto's Rogers Centre roof catwalk and the video is terrifying

Rooftopping and infiltration may have peaked a decade ago in Toronto, but long after this rooftopper heyday, daring urban explorers are still out there pushing the limits of fearlessness while showing a brazen disregard for the law in the search for engaging social media posts.

A Toronto-based rooftopper has tackled one of the city's most prominent landmarks, climbing the dizzying catwalks plying the upper reaches of the Rogers Centre's retractable dome roof and sharing some once-in-a-lifetime visuals that you should under no circumstances attempt to reproduce.

Known by the nom de guerre of awalterss, the rooftopper appears to have been accompanied by at least three other people on this unsanctioned tour, though all identities are obscured by masks and video blur.

The video shows the group of intrepid rooftoppers navigating the off-limits, staff-only catwalks that provide access to the perimeter and underside of the stadium's iconic roof.

From this terrifyingly-high perch, the infiltrators dismount the catwalks to do a death-defying beam walk, capturing some magnificent but highly-illegal photos in the process.

Based on the lack of visible renovation work on the 500 level and other telltale hints, it is safe to assume that these images and videos were captured during the Blue Jays' regular season sometime in 2022.

At its highest point above field level, the roof has a clearance of 282 feet or just shy of 86 metres.

To get a sense of just how perilous such a climb is, a human weighing 150 pounds falling from that height would reach a velocity of over 128 km/h before hitting the ground. Nobody is walking, or even crawling away from that.

TL;DR: don't trespass and climb the catwalks at the Rogers Centre, even if the photos look hella cool.

blogTO has reached out to both awalterss and representatives of the Rogers Centre for comment, though neither has responded with a statement as of writing.

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