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Michael Bublé says the Toronto Maple Leafs can 'suck it' and fans are not happy

Canadian crooner and carbonated water spokesperson Michael Bublé might feel a bit unwelcome for his Oct. 12 show at the Scotiabank Arena in Toronto after taking a public dump all over one of the city's most beloved sports franchises that just happen to play in that very building.

Bublé performed at the KeyBank Center in Buffalo on Tuesday evening, repping the city with a Buffalo Sabres jersey and earning some brownie points from the crowd of chardonnay moms packing into the team's home arena to see the 47-year-old singer.

And while he probably gained a few fans in Sabres land, Bublé is not as popular with Toronto hockey fans after telling his Buffalo audience that "the Maple Leafs can suck it."

Leafs fans are understandably not prepared to "suck it" just yet, and many are taking to social media to voice their displeasure with Bublé, including one who is already pledging to rework their Christmas playlist.

The Leafs are not exactly the most popular team outside of Toronto, and while a large share of comments are from people who stand behind the crooner's Leaf hate, others are doing their best to pop the proverbial Bublés of gloating Sabres fans.

Artists often play to local crowds with displays like this, and despite Bublé's known love of hockey and the Buffalo Sabres, some feel like the B.C.-born singer's crowd work was a bit much.

And with a Toronto show planned for Wednesday in the very arena where the Leafs will soon host their home opener, some are wondering aloud whether the singer will try to sweep his anti-Leafs comments under the rug.

Bublé's cringe-tastic commercials promoting Bubly sparkling water, where the singer constantly corrects customers' pronunciation of the product, were not spared from the conversation.

At least he didn't try and convince his fans that Toronto's NHL team name is actually pronounced Maplé Leafs.

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