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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau jumps 200-feet off a quarry

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made a faithful leap off the side of a crazy big quarry two days ago - but not to worry, he was attached to a bungee cord.

Trudeau and his two children Xavier and Ella-Grace visited the Great Canadian Bungee (GCB) in Chelsea, Quebec to make an epic 200-foot jump.

In a video posted by GCB, Trudeau is seen dressed in blue jeans and a plaid shirt as he gets strapped up for his monumental fall.

As he stands on the edge of the jumping platform, he takes a deep breath in (and maybe says "oh sh*t") as the workers give him a five-second countdown.

It appears the prime minister jumps without any hesitation, bravely plunging hundreds of feet below into the dark abyss. 

He even gets a little bit wet from a major head dunk in the quarry's waters.

Known as the "The Rock" at Morrison's Quarry, this site welcomes thousands of visitors year-round and is actually the highest bungee jump in all of Canada.

Of course, as with everything Trudeau does, the hate rolled in and it appears as a result, the GCB closed comments on their video. 

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Great Canadian Bungee

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