grenadier pond skating

People are starting to skate on Grenadier Pond in High Park

Sharpen your skates because it's peak skating season. Toronto is full of outdoor skating rinks and trails to glide on but if you're looking to hit up one of the natural rinks the city has to offer then you're in luck. People are starting to skate on Grenadier Pond in High Park.

With extreme cold weather alerts last weekend, the 35-acre pond has frozen over solid, and people were spotted skating over the body of water on the weekend.

Skating on Grenadier Pond only became legal again back in 2015. Even though the city's website says that the pond is closed for the season, people tend to bend the rules and still glide on the ice.

City staff monitor the ice levels and place flags around the body of water to let people know the conditions of the ice.

Flags haven't been posted yet but are expected any day now since we've had a bit of a cold spell the past week.

While other rinks have maintenance, the pond has no ice clearing, equipment rentals, or shelter.

The pond also sees flocks of cross country skiers every year, venturing through the open fields of snow.

From playing shinny to brushing up on skills, the rink has a ton of room to glide on without bumping into others.

Toronto asks people to stay within designated areas and to keep their dogs off the pond but not everyone knows about that rule.

If you're looking for a natural rink closer to home, there are over 30 natural rinks around the city that you can also check out.

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Jeremy Gilbert

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