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Precious Achiuwa of the Toronto Raptors bought bagged milk for the first time

Bagged milk is a normal part of life here in Toronto, but Raptors player Precious Achiuwa just bought it for the very first time.

A new clip from Bell's Open Gym series shows Achiuwa warily buying the quintessentially Canadian product in a supermarket. 

"This is it?" he says, towering over the dairy section and pointing at the bags on the bottom shelf. "Now way."

Selecting a 3.25 percent variety, he wonders why there's more than one bag of milk packaged together, thinking it's two and expressing surprise when he's told it's actually three sold together.

One person tweeted possibly identifying the store as a Kipling Sobeys.

Although milk in bags has become synoymous with Canada and all of its wonderful weirdness, it was actually an American invention that gained popularity in Canada because of the metric system. Thin, polyethelene milk bags were introduced in the 1960s, called pillow pouches.

The bagged milk isn't the only Canadian thing Achiuwa adapts to at the store, either: he's also still figuring out our currency, checking to make sure he has the right name for loonies, toonies and quarters.

Another clip shows the basketball player actually opening and trying the milk, having to go through the classic steps of banging the pitcher to get the bag in and opening it with a milk bag opener.

His biggest challenge in the videos might actually be closing the milk bags back up with a bread tag using his massive hands, but ultimately our Canadian bagged milk passes a taste test with an Oreo.

One person tweeted that Toronto should get on board with jugged milk, but we'll probably be sticking to our Canadian ways around here, even if it takes some of our athletes a while to get the hang of them.

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