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A Toronto Maple Leafs player held an adorable birthday party for his cat

The Toronto Maple Leafs have been tearing it up in the preseason, and the start of the NHL season this evening has fans excited for another crack at greatness (but probably just more disappointment).

It's been a busy few weeks for players, but Leafs' goaltender Jack Campbell has still been able to make time for what's really important, like hosting a cute birthday celebration for a four-legged friend.

This lovely little grey tabby named Buds was treated to a lavish party complete with decorations, a cake catering to kitty tastes, and of course, a party hat.

It looks like Buds wasn't ready to celebrate a hat-trick (sorry) with the colourful party outfit. By the second photo in the trio posted to Instagram, Buds seems a bit purrturbed (sorry, but also not at all sorry), and by the third photo, the party hat is just gone.

At least they got a couple for the 'gram before the cat remembered, "wait, I'm a cat."

Based on his Instagram history, it looks like Campbell adopted Buds shortly before the Leafs picked him up in early 2020. The two posed together in January 2020, Buds still a tiny kitten and Campbell still rocking L.A. Kings gear.

Oh, how they've both changed in such a short time.

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Jack Campbell

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