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People in Toronto wondering why restrictions on outdoor activities not being enforced

Following the rules can be a bit annoying at times, but it's something that most people are willing to do for the greater good. However, when seeing that others aren't following the rules at all, it can get down right infuriating.

This has been the case for many people who have been following Ontario's stay-at-home order yet everytime they step outside notice parks are filled with people doing all sorts of activities that aren't permitted under current guidelines.

A number of people have noticed that the rules are inconsistent. One Toronto resident, who asked to remain anonymous detailed how Wychwood Park and Winston Churchill are locked yet the tennis courts at nearby Ramsden Park are consistently busy.

"There are 8 courts and there are at least 16 people playing if singles; more if doubles. There is often a group of 4 or more waiting," the concerned citizen told blogTO.

According to the city however, tennis courts are one of the many amenities that are supposed to remain closed along with golf courses, basketball courts, soccer fields, skate parks, and even picnic tables or shelters.

"Officers with Municipal Licensing and Standards are continuing to monitor parks and amenities, focusing on areas that continue to be of greatest concerns," Jaclyn Carlisle of Strategic Public & Employee Communications (in consultation with Parks Forestry and Recreation) told blogTO.

"Bylaw officers will speak to anyone found using park amenities to ensure they understand the provincial regulations and will work to disperse groups as the safest and quickest way to protect public health."

The city also details a number of amenities that are indeed open even during the lock down. For parks these include playgrounds, off leash dog parks, park benches, and community gardens.

As a whole though, the enforcement seems inconsistent even within neighbourhoods that have multiple parks leading to the confusion and frustration many residents are feeling.

With Doug Ford detailing his reopening plan, the hope is that there will be more consistency and people can go back to living somewhat normal lives.

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