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Volunteer-run Toronto ice rink asks people to stop using it for late night shinny games

A skating rink created and maintained by volunteers in Toronto has put out an announcement politely but seriously letting people know that a late night shinny game taking place there is not cool.

"I did receive a courteous note from our park manager today.
They mentioned there have been a few complaints about the late night shinny games," reads a notice the Wychwood Barns Volunteer Rink posted to their Facebook page.

"If you know of someone that's taking part, please reach out to them and ask them to stop all shinny games until the lockdown is lifted. They don't want to get the bylaw officers involved and asked us to handle it ourselves. Please respect the COVID protocol posted on the wall beside the rink. Let's get through this pandemic as safely as possible. Thanks."

The post also notes that the rink is probably the best it's been in a five year period, and that they're still working on improvements like hay bales for lacing up skates and repairing a burned out floodlight.

"Our community rink is a wonderful story of neighbours pulling together to build something for everyone. It's been going for 17 years," a representative of the rink told blogTO. They say there were a few complaints and reports regarding one late night shinny game.

"I talked to a few of the younger volunteers and asked them to reach out to whomever they think might have been in the game. I'm sure they got it out of their system," says the representative.

Last year it was announced that while the city's outdoor skating rinks are open, shinny hockey was being banned on Toronto's public rinks due to COVID-19.

However, while it may be frustrating right now not to be able to gather and play together the way we're used to, disobeying rules just makes it harder for us to get back to enjoying those community spaces.

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Wychwood Barns Volunteer Rink

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