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Sports betting sites predict Raptors will lose tonight's game but Toronto has hope

The Toronto Raptors are widely favoured to lose tonight's Eastern Conference Semifinals Game 7 against the Boston Celtics— a happenstance that, should it occur, would eliminate the NBA's reigning champions from the playoffs.

All eyes will be on Orlando as the two teams face off for the first time since a riveting Game 6, narrowly won by the Raptors on Wednesday in double-overtime.

Will the sports prides of Canada pull off another miraculous, down-to-the-wire victory, as they've been known to do so often in recent years? Or will the Celtics put an abrupt end to an otherwise killer season for the Raps?

If you ask Vegas, it's the latter. If you ask Raptors fans, Vegas can shut right up.

Full disclosure: I don't fully understand sports betting, with all of the unders and overs and spreads and such — but people who do are putting their bucks on the Celtics to win tonight's game.

Most sportsbooks have Boston listed as 2.5+ favourites (whatever the heck that means) to win tonight's Game 7 in Orlando, putting the Raptors in an underdog position, just like they were on Wednesday when they beat the Celtics to force tonight's game.

Odds, schmods!

The people of Toronto almost seem to know in their hearts that the Raptors are taking this one, and the next one, and the next one all the way up until a second consecutive NBA championship. 

The odds for them to win last year's Larry O'Brien trophy were low throughout the 2019 post-season, after all, and look at what happened in that case.

"Raptors will win it. They don't give up," predicted one fan on Twitter, referring to the team's famous ability to claw its way back from any tough situation.

Even Celtics fans are hesitant to bet on the favoured team tonight in light of how unbeatable the Raps have proven themselves to be.

"I wanna bet so much bread on the Celtics tonight," wrote one on Twitter. "But the Raptors is a funny ass team..."

Whether or not the Raps emerge victorious tonight, going on to face the Miami Heat in the NBA Eastern Conference Finals, it'll be a game worth watching. 

Secure your bar stools early, if you plan on watching it away from home — or better yet, find yourself a friend like Kanye West with a 100-foot screen to play it on.

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