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You can take fitness classes inside the massive Van Gogh exhibition in Toronto

The massive Vincent Van Gogh art exhibition has been a major success since it first arrived in Toronto, with more than 100,000 people attending the immersive event since July 1 — but now art lovers can do more than just stand and stare at the paintings around them. 

The exhibition organizers just announced that they're introducing Barre Flow fitness classes starting Aug. 21, so people can sign up to work out in the midst of some of the world's most beloved paintings. 

Dancer and certified trainer, Amy Walsh, will teach the classes on Friday mornings at 7:30 a.m. from Aug. 21 through to Sept. 4., with the potential for more dates. 

van gogh toronto"Barre Flow is a slow burn style with isometric holds at points to allow participants to take in their surroundings while also finding a deep burn in the muscle that they are activating during that hold," reads a release about the new classes.

"Barre is a fitness style based in ballet technique; however, it does not require any prior dance experience. All movements in the class can be learned by anyone of all fitness levels and can be modified as needed."

Due to the massive space in which the exhibition is housed, those who sign up for classes will be able to take them while safely social distancing for other participants and social distancing circles will be projected onto the floor throughout the workout to ensure people stay in their designated area. 

After the classes end, the space will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected throughout a 90-minute period before the exhibition opens to the public for walk-ins. 

van gogh toronto"Organizers and staff of the Immersive van Gogh exhibition continue to work in close consultation with Toronto Public Health to ensure best practices to maintain safety throughout the exhibition as more programming is added," notes the release.

Capacity for the 40-minute classes is limited, so anyone interested in registering should email Tickets are $20 per person for each class. 

And if you don't actually want to spend your time working out while in the presence of the beautiful Starry Night, you'll be glad to know that the drive-in exhibition is being extended through until Oct. 12, while the walk-in exhibition has been extended until Nov. 1. 

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