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Drake celebrates big Raptors win with fans at Jurassic Park

Fresh off another nail-biting win over the Milwaukee Bucks, the Toronto Raptors are now only one victorious game away from their first-ever NBA Finals — and nobody is happier about it than Drake.

The team's head coach "global ambassador" eschewed his normally cushy, courtside lifestyle on Thursday evening to watch Game 5 with fans outside Toronto's Scotiabank Arena.

I mean, it's not like he was going to fly to Milwaukee and get hated on all night.

Jurassic Park, as Maple Leaf Square has come to be known during the NBA playoffs in recent years, was as wild and packed as ever with locals who — like Drake — wanted to watch the away game on home turf via giant screens.

It would be fair to say, however, that the vibe in J-Park was more intense than usual last night on account of Drake's presence.

The rapper announced via Instagram Stories roughly an hour before the game began that'd be in attendance, writing "Meet me in Jurassic Park at 8:30. Whole city should be out like the sun... history is upon us."

The city showed up, to say the least (though they likely would have, anyway.)

Not one to do things small, Drizzy arrived flanked by cops and security guards with some 15 friends in tow.

The group proceeded to their own viewing platform, which served more like a stage where fans could watch Drake watch the Raptors play the Bucks.

Drake was spirited throughout the game — perhaps even more spirited than he's been on the sidelines during this series, which is saying a lot.

After the Raptors beat the Bucks 105-99, pulling themselves ahead for the first time in the 7-game series, the Degrassi star once known as Aubrey Graham held his own, well-attended post-game scrum.

"Look around you. We created this," said the Grammy Award-winning rapper to reporters of the intense fandom surrounding him.

"Look around at the square. I promise you right now, we did this... All we are is proud and passionate... I love Toronto, I love this team and we're going to the NBA Finals!"

Drake also gave an impassioned speech to fans from his personal stage at Jurassic Park.

"I wanna tell you something, look," he said. "No matter what they say, no matter what the commentary is or the dialogue is, you know what they're scared of? They're scared because we're the most passionate, proud city..."

"Look, we play in an American league," he continued. "And I promise you a Canadian team is going to the NBA finals. We love you guys!"

Interestingly, given the level of his fandom, Drake did not appear to be wearing any Raptors gear during last night's game.

Better safe from the curse than sorry, I guess — though he is still poking the bear (er, deer) pretty fiercely from afar.

After spotting Milwaukee Bucks owner Wed Edens' daughter, Mallory Edens, sitting courtside at the same game in a Pusha T shirt, Drake changed his profile picture to one of the young woman's face.

"All is fair in war and war," he wrote in an Instagram story featuring a picture of Mallory at the game in Wisconson. "And trust me, I'll still get you tickets to OVO fest."

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