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The 5 worst events in Toronto during 2014

The worst events in Toronto during 2014 were anomalies on an otherwise satisfying roster of concerts, food fests, and street festivals. Sure, lineups and high ticket prices are always a drag, but the events listed below are worthy of highlight for more than just a general annoyance factor. Be it bad weather, bad organization or the disappointment that comes when great hope is dashed, these events will remain in our memory for all the wrong reasons.

Here are the worst events in Toronto from 2014.

Grilled Cheese Fest
Massive lineups, electrical problems, food shortages, and hefty ticket prices all contributed to the ire of attendees at Grilled Cheese Fest. Claims that the event was oversold by 700 tickets left a bad taste in the mouth of everyone who had the misfortune of heading to Roy Thomson Hall (the first sign of trouble), and even though organizer Joylister eventually took responsibility for the mess and vowed to continue with more "foodie events," the company has since disappeared.

Toronto Men's Fashion Week (TOM*FW)
A few first-time hiccups were to be expected at this brand-new event, including some late starts to runway shows. But the PR sideshow around the ouster of a "too androgynous" designer and, later, allegations of mishandled funds took the shine completely off a much-needed spotlight for menswear designers.

TIME Festival
It seemed like there was a curse on this music festival's less than triumphant return - Death Grips broke up - not their fault, but a replacement would have been nice - then Charli XCX dropped off, and finally (blameless - unless you believe in curses) it rained all day. We had an pretty good time at Fort York regardless watching Grimes, Flume, Action Bronson, St. Lucia, Majical Cloudz, Kaytranada and more, and it was miles better than Grove, but the fest would could have gone further for fans, and it remains to be seen if music-festival-city would support another go in 2015, if TIME decides to try.

Food Truck Ontario Festival
With food trucks having become a fixture at summer festivals throughout the city, you better pull out all the stops when hosting an event dedicated solely to these mobile food purveyors. Instead, attendees were greeted with food shortages, 45 minute-long lineups, and an absence of other entertainment. Where's the festivity in lining up for food, eating, and going home? That's the drill at any fast food joint -- and you don't have to pay 15 bucks to get in.

Prince at Massey Hall
Quite possibly the non-event of the year, the not-so-secret Prince show that never happened still makes the list because we're sure that it was meant to take place before the star of the show had a last minute change of heart and pulled the plug. Why, after all, did Massey Hall have security and barricades on hand? You might ask the same questions about the photo of the equipment on stage and the purple orchid delivery we spotted. Talk about dashed hopes! This one felt like a citywide insult.

What did we miss? Add your nominations for the worst events from last year in the comments.

Photo from a very rainy TIME Festival

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