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TIME Fest is reborn at Fort York Garrison Common

Posted by Staff / July 21, 2014

Time Festival 2014TIME Festival's 2014 return after a three year hiatus will be over-shadowed in tales of its one-day glory by one thing: rain. From light haze to down pour, it never stopped raining at Fort York Garrison Common. Add to that the festival losing two of its major draws - Death Grips (to the band breaking up) and Charlie XCX (to...?) and the day could've been a write-off.

Against the odds, people still showed up and partied through it all. Grimes, Flume, Action Bronson, St. Lucia, Majical Cloudz, Kaytranada and more did their part to keep everyone's minds off the weather (or their confiscated umbrellas) and focused on the music.

Check out our photo gallery for 20 of our favourite rainy memories from TIME 2014.



Derek / July 22, 2014 at 10:14 am
The people in the crowd photo look thrilled to be there.
Bleh / July 22, 2014 at 11:34 pm
No water refilling stations. No in/out privileges for a 12-hour show. 9 dollars a beer. Very slim selection of mostly expensive food choices (9 dollars for a hot dog and fries?). A security team who confiscated umbrellas from people trying to shelter themselves from the rain NOWHERE NEAR the stage. And Strongbow-branded white rain ponchos with pointy hoods (they were free, I'll give them that) that made the crowd look more like a KKK rally than electronic music fans. NEVER. AGAIN.
Bleh / July 22, 2014 at 11:38 pm
Oh yeah, and the sound system was so quiet I could barely hear the bands over the audience, who was - for the most part - quite polite. It was nice to see Majical Cloudz, Haerts and Lowell. Still, not worth it, and my friends and I left well before Grimes hit the stage.
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