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5 under the radar toboggan hills in Toronto

Toboggan hills in Toronto aren't exactly the most controversial topic (famous last words). Most agree that Riverdale Park takes the crown for its combination of length, steepness and lack of obstacles. Hills at High Park, Christie Pits, and Withrow Park tend to also get lots of love -- while the monster at Centennial Park is a favourite for those who feel the need for speed.

Beyond the city's most popular parks, however, there are a host of other hills well-suited for sledding, some of which are straightforward and easy and some of which require caution on account of their gradients. Either way, they're every bit as worth checking out, particularly if you're the type that likes to avoid the post-snowfall crowds.

Here are my picks for 5 under the radar toboggan hills in Toronto.

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Rennie Park
Located on the southwest side of the park near the school, Rennie's tobogganing hill isn't underrated by area locals, but it deserves plenty of accolades for being relatively steep (by Toronto standards) and almost completely obstacle free (save for other people).

L'Amoreaux Park
Located in the Hydro corridor south the L'Amoreaux community centre, the hills here generally see low traffic, but they're actually nice and steep (if not so wide) with long enough run-outs that you don't feel like you'll end up in the hospital if you kick it into high gear.

Pine Point Arena Hill
Noticeable when driving along the 401, the hill behind Pine Point arena between Weston and Islington roads is very similar to the ever-popular Riverdale Park. It's a decent length and steepness, but also wide with a huge run-out at the bottom. There's ample parking at the arena.

Cedarvale Park
Cedarvale is a good hill to hit up when you're not feeling that brave. The setting is lovely and feels isolated from the rest of the city, and the hill is steep enough that things don't seem boring, but there are certainly faster runs out there.

Westlake Memorial Park
This hill somehow remains a hidden gem despite having all the characteristics you'd ever want in a Toronto toboggan run. It's plenty steep, there's a bit of undulation near the bottom for brave kids to make jumps and the like, and there's lots of room at the bottom.


Snake Hill
I put Snake Hill in as a bonus because it's technically not open to sledding. That, of course, doesn't stop people from trying out this thrill-filled run, but given that the closure is due to environmental concerns (erosion), it's hard to recommend. That said, it is one of the legendary (and scary) hills in Toronto.

What did I miss? Let us know about your hidden gems in the comments section.

Photo by Keith Armstrong

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