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10 wacky and random skills you can learn in Toronto

It's easy to learn a new skill in Toronto, considering the city is filled with classes that will teach you how to cook, sail or get fit. But what does Toronto offer to those of us looking for something unconventional?

Here are my picks for the top 10 wacky and random skills to learn in Toronto.

Blow glass like a champ

Playing with Fire at Artscape Wychwood Barns offers workshops for anyone in need of a creative boost (or glass blown tumblers or other knickknacks). Create your own glass masterpiece that you can actually use at home once you finish your workshop.

Print in 3D

3D printing is still one those technologies that's filled with possibility. Whether you're looking to print a missing part for something at home, a replica of yourself, or are simply looking create something unique, there are some great 3D printing schools spread out around Toronto to help.

Join the Circus

If you're looking to get fit while having a blast, think about taking some classes at the Toronto School of Circus Arts in North York. You'll improve flexibility, learn a whimsical skill and feel like a kid again all at once.

Survive a zombie apocalypse

Just in case the world does come to an end and you and a few friends are the only ones left on alive, think about taking some courses with the Zombie Survival Camp north of Durham, outside of Toronto. The camps are one-day or a full weekend long and include classes on weaponry, fire craft and zomjitsu.

Clown around

They say laughter is good for the soul, right? Your soul will be filled to the brim after this Second City clown class taught by comedian Ken Hall at the Mercer Street studio.

Battle like a knight

The Academy of European Medieval Martial Arts on Dupont Street asks students to sign up according to their combat of choice, whether that be grappling, daggers, swords, armoured combat, spears, archery - or even mounted combat (yes, with horses).

Make beer like an 1800s brewmaster

Try brewing your own beer in a 19th century setting, using antique retired crafting methods, all while sporting an 1800s-era costume. The Brewmaster Workshop at Black Creek Pioneer Village in North York lets you take home your own two-litre growler of your own hand-crafted ale.

Fly like a bird

iFly in Oakville might be the place to make your sci-fi fantasy come true. Here you'll learn how to skydive indoors thanks to a high-powered vertical wind tunnel. An instructor will help you hone your skills to fly, twirl and soar like you just jumped out of a plane.

Master trampoline jumping

If you thought jumping around laughing and falling on a trampoline was just for kids, thing again. It's an Olympic sport! Toronto's very own Sky Zone in Leaside will teach you how to jump like a pro.

Play with stuffed animals

Believe it or not, there's such a thing as a Casual Taxidermy class. It's an intensive, one day lesson in various galleries and venues across the city for folks who truly miss biology class and want to learn the skill of turning a deceased rat into an "enduring art object."

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