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Where to play pinball in Toronto

Where to play pinball in Toronto might change in the coming weeks as Toronto's first pinball cafe prepares to open its doors. Yet those who are content with the odd table or two still have plenty of options, even as concentrated sources of pinball machines continue to 'drain' (A little pinball lingo there, for those not in the know). While devoted players have been manning the playfield since before it went out of style and back, many Toronto bars of late have realized they can up their ironic/retro/cool factor by offering a vintage pinball machine or two. And there's always the Toronto Pinball League, which often gathers in members' homes to battle competitively on privately owned machines. For everyone else, here are a few places to play pinball in Toronto.


The Port
Paying heed to its past life as a hub for watching World Cup games, The Port opened last year with a World Cup Soccer pinball machine. A Pac-Man arcade game only enhances the experience.

Unloveable offers two aces when it comes to pinball; the machine is Star Wars-themed, and it's free to play. Musicians are thus likely used to distracted audiences.

Black Dice Cafe
Black Dice Cafe offers a 1950's theme with a 1970's Surf Chance Pinball machine and a smattering of Japanese influence.

Ted's Collision
Ted's is the opposite of pretension with cheap drinks, a mild crowd, and legends that describe the remarkable conditions of its apparently still-functioning washrooms. A Spiderman pinball machine, naturally, fits right in.

Another Star Wars table, offered with Mr. Freeze cocktails on Fridays and Saturdays. Watch out, ladies.


Community 54
There are all sorts of vintage games at this retail shop and arcade, including Galactica, Terminator, Pac-Man, and NBA Jam. But what would a throwback arcade really be without a tilt-sensitive pinball machine? Here, it's all about Street Fighter II.

The Ballroom
In the spirit of making things cool again, the guys behind The Ballroom decided to throw a pinball machine in the arcade to go along with their new, hip, bowling alley. Games on this Roller Coaster Tycoon machine are $1.

California Sandwiches
Classic veal sandwiches, spicy meatballs, and kids fighting over the pinball machine— just as every nonna's house should be. The original California Sandwiches has two pinball machines; a Rolling Stones machine and a Batman machine, both $1 per game.

Church of the Silver Ball (Mississauga)
The holy grail, if you will, of vintage pinball machines outside of Toronto proper. This church hosts pinball nights a few times a month with unlimited play for $10. Machines include everything from The Simpsons to Baywatch, The Twilight Zone and Slick Chick.

The Playdium Store
To play or buy, and home to the Canadian Pinball Championship.

Know of a good spot for pinball not on our list? Let us know in the comments.

Photo by David Gallagher on Flickr

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