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We tried a new option for high-quality meat and seafood in Toronto

Who said grilling is just for the summer? As everyone starts to get back to their daily routines, you don't really have to let go of the season's fun and carefree vibes.

I’m still going to throw my “Grill Mistress” apron on (that I obviously bought totally ironically), and get primal with my cooking — which is to say, over a carefully-controlled fire.

But, with the rising cost of food and grocery store meat products that rarely inspires confidence let alone dinner, getting a decent BBQ spread together can present a challenge.

This is why, when Wild Fork offered to let us try their products, I jumped at the chance. Providing high-quality meat and seafood, think of Wild Fork like your local butcher, only you're able to get your products delivered straight to your door in the GTA — with the option to shop in person at their store in Whitby.

Wild ForkSo throw on some sunscreen and your ironically-sloganed apron and let's get grilling!

Making my first order

When Wild Fork says they have a “wide variety of products,” I must stress that this is an understatement of just how “wide” of a “variety” they have in terms of those products.

They’ve got an amazing selection of classic grill fair you need like ground meat, burger mixes, sausages, steaks, and ribs — with a pretty extensive section of marinated meats if you’re not looking to plan ahead. 

Wild ForkOne of the coolest discoveries using Wild Fork was exploring their specialty meat section — with various cuts and styles of bison, wild boar, and venison.

That’s just the meats, they also have a wide variety of poultry (not just chicken and turkey, but duck and cornish hens too) and seafood (everything from steelhead salmon to succulent langoustines). Truly, if you’ve thought about eating it, Wild Fork has got it.

Complete your BBQ spread

As much as we all would want a meal that’s just meat, my doctor has recommended I add other things like “vegetables” and “literally anything please, I beg” (his words, not mine). Thankfully, Wild Fork also has all the accoutrements to fill out your table so you can cut down on your grocery trips.

Whether you need extra brioche burger buns, flavoured butter that packs a punch, a ready-to-go dessert that tastes homemade, or extra sauces and spices to season your order, you can add it to your Wild Fork delivery and get it shipped to your door.

Wild Fork

There’s even a vast amount of frozen fruits and vegetables (if you want them, no judgment if not), and quick and easy sides like truffle mashed potatoes and dijon beets to help you fill out your meals without much fuss.

Quality meat at a competitive price

Listen, I more than anyone love being bougie on a budget, and Wild Fork gives you all these grilling goodies without breaking your bank.

Wild ForkEverything they sell is priced competitively, whether you’re getting a premium cut or a weekly staple. While representing an unbeatable price point, over 70% of Wild Fork’s meat and seafood comes Canadian-raised.

Fast, easy delivery

One of the biggest selling points of Wild Fork, for me, was the same-day delivery options, especially since, as established, I have a goldfish brain that loves to forget things. 

With two delivery windows per day, seven days a week, hosting BBQs on short notice is a snap.

Wild Fork

And no, Wild Fork isn’t delivering loose, raw meat to your door, because that would be, to put it mildly, gross. Their blast-freezing technique locks in all the nutrients and flavour to keep your products fresh even if you’re not there to pick up your order right away. 

Level up your summer BBQ

Overall, trying Wild Fork was a unique experience that I will be doing again soon. First-time customers get free delivery on their first order, so there's even more reason to give it a try.

The meats I got were a quick and welcome addition to my grill, and helped inspire me to get out of my comfort zone to experiment with meat I had never tried. 

Wild Fork

Yes, I did order and prep one cornish hen for me and my boyfriend, and yes, I did learn that, while small, that’s a lot of hen for one.

Also, the exotic slider flight was a good way of testing out some of the more, for lack of a better term, colourful meats before committing whole-hog to something I might not have liked.

If you’re interested in trying Wild Fork for yourself, you can make your first order now on their website and get high-quality meat and seafood delivered right to your door -- or, you can order for pickup at their Whitby location.

To give you even more reasons to shop at Wild Fork, from now until the end of the year, they’ve lowered their minimum order quantity to $35 with free delivery on your first order, making it even easier for you to give them a try.

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