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Here's how Bluetti's new and improved mobile power source will level up your summer

A mobile power source is essential for anyone who spends a lot of time in the great outdoors. But with so many options available, how do you know which one is right for you?

Naturally, you'll want to make sure you're getting a power source that has great capacity, delivers value for money, and, above all, is something you can rely on.

Bluetti understands the growing demand for reliable outdoor power sources, and that's why it's come up with an innovative solution: the brand-new AC60.

As "the world's first professional outdoor mobile power station," the AC60 has some truly incredible features that are sure to level up your adventures this summer, including an IP65-rated level of protection, fast charging, extreme portability, and expandable capacity. Here's a closer look.

Water-resistant and dust-proof

The IP65-rated, water-resistant, and dust-proof AC60 power station excels in both external and internal durability. All of its external materials have passed numerous water and dust resistance tests and it has a significantly improved internal structure.

Its air ducting system is independent and vacuum coated with a protective layer, which effectively prevents the infiltration of liquids and dust.portable power stationAs well as this, its plugs, including the patented AC outlets, are sealed from the inside out for maximum protection and safety, making the AC60 an ideal power source for various outdoor activities such as overlanding, beach camping, and much more - even in challenging environments. 

Multiple charging modes

The AC60 has three charging modes: silent mode, standard mode, and turbo mode. No adapter is required, simply plug and play. It can be charged to 100% in one hour using the speedy turbo-charging mode. portable power stationAnd with silent mode, any noise involved in charging is drastically reduced to less than 45dB, which is so soft it can hardly be heard, even in confined spaces like a tent.

The AC60 also supports solar charging and is widely compatible with most solar panels, as well as car and lead-acid battery charging -- so there is always an easy option when you're running low on power.

Easy to move anywhere

No one wants to lug excessively heavy objects around, especially when travelling. Thankfully, the AC60 is surprisingly light at 20.06 lbs, making it the perfect adventure companion. portable power stationIt's also got a pretty compact size, similar to a small cooler or toolbox, making it conveniently fit into small spaces. Plus, it has a nicely-designed folding handle that makes moving it a breeze.

Flexible Capacity with B80

The AC60 comes with a 403 Wh LFP battery that can power a number of devices in a row. However, when it's paired with the complementary B80 battery, it gets even better. With two B80 batteries, 806 Wh per pack, the AC60 can have a maximum capacity of 2,015 Wh.portable power stationThe B80 is water-resistant, and, in addition to complementing others, it works as a standalone DC power source with three ports: USB-A, USB-C, and a cigarette lighter port. With one single charge, it can charge a phone up to 43 times, a laptop up to 10 times, and power a light for more than 60 hours.

The AC60 is available for order now, with a special early bird price of $799. As an exclusive perk, blogTO readers can get an extra discount of $20 by using the code PRAC60 during the debut price period -- June 20 to July 20. 

For more information, or to place an order, head to Bluetti's website

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