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Here's how to know if you're buying sustainable seafood in Toronto

Amid the climate crisis, people have been evaluating their impact as consumers more than ever, and looking for ways to make more environmentally-friendly choices they can feel good about.

And while some have moved to a more plant-based diet for the sake of the planet, there are still ways to enjoy non-vegan foods while keeping sustainability in mind.

A large portion of Canadians — 40 per cent — are already reducing their consumption of beef and pork, citing health, affordability and environmental concerns.

Seafood has far smaller greenhouse gas emission rates than beef and pork, so replacing land-based meat products with sustainable seafood is one way to lower your carbon footprint.

Whether you're already a seafood lover or you're simply looking for healthy, low-impact protein options to diversify your diet, you should get familiar with the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) blue fish ecolabel. It's one of the best ways to ensure that the seafood you purchase is harvested sustainably.

The MSC ecolabel, which appears as a blue fish, means the seafood is certified sustainable, coming from wild fisheries that protect the health of the populations they fish and the biodiversity in the surrounding marine ecosystems.

This ensures oceans, lakes, and rivers can continue to be productive and provide healthy, low-carbon protein for future generations.

The MSC also works with seafood companies, ensuring they adhere to stringent sourcing, traceability and labeling standards.

The vast majority of Canadian seafood consumers (74 per cent) agree that purchasing seafood from sustainable sources is important, and many are committed to reaching this goal (41 per cent) or are already shopping sustainably (21 per cent).

You too can be a part of the change too, by paying attention to the seafood you buy and looking out for the MSC blue fish ecolabel on your next grocery run.

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Marine Stewardship Canada

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