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Hendrick's new limited release gin is inspired by the sea and gives back to it too

What could be mightier, more mysterious and more alluring than the sea? A gin inspired by its wonders, perhaps, especially one that can actually help champion its cause.

You don't have to be a sailor or seafarer to imbibe in the new Neptunia Gin from Hendrick's, which was not only artfully concocted with the sea in mind, but crafted in partnership with a charitable organization to support marine and seagrass ecosystem conservation and restoration efforts.

The premium, limited-release spirit is the first for the brand to have such a Maritime influence, eliciting thoughts of the waves hitting the Ayrshire coast, and setting sail on a journey of your own.

The smooth taste has hints of cucumber, rose and citrus, with locally-sourced botanicals from the shores of Scotland that make it as refreshing as the sea breeze — perfect for a gin and tonic, gin fizz, curious margarita or gin gimlet.

And, every bottle of Neptunia helps Project Seagrass in making sure the earth's sea ecosystems and its marine life (which have depleted by a shocking 50 per cent over the last 42 years) can survive and continue to support biodiversity — and continue to enthrall and inspire — for many years to come.

Seagrasses are one of the biggest coastal habitats on our planet, providing valuable nurseries to fish species and improving water quality.

Set sail online to find specialty recipes for all of the cocktails perfect with Neptunia, or come up with your own unique creations and share them with the tag #HendricksNeptunia after fishing for a bottle at your local LCBO.

And don't forget to check out the work that Hendrick's and Project Seagrass are doing to fight seagrass meadow loss and climate change.

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