mama earth organics

This unique Toronto food service delivers produce straight from local farms

Living in a big city, it's hard to track down precisely where your food comes from, how it's grown, and exactly how it gets to your grocery store every day. 

In general, mass food production and transportation contributes to air pollution as thousands of rotating trucks carry product to stores, on top of food waste and overuse of plastic during shopping trips. 

A sustainable and organic food delivery service in Toronto is reducing these harmful effects by shortening the time and distance between field-to-table. 

mama earth organics

An Mama Earth Organics delivery van in action. Image via Mama Earth Organics.

Mama Earth Organics works with a network of 150 local farmers to sustainably-source the freshest produce, pantry staples, bakery items, meat, seafood and more. Pick from a huge selection of curated and organic options and you'll have some of Ontario's freshest food delivered right to your front door.

Since spring is a prime local growing season, Mama Earth  members can often receive produce that was picked a day or two before their orders were delivered for peak freshness and flavour. 

This is made possible thanks to the direct path from the field to the Mama Earth Headquarters. Not only does that mean transport time is majorly reduced, but there are also fewer stops in between, minimizing emissions in the air from transportation. 

The same applies for drivers who are dropping off subscription boxes. Mama Earth pre-plans and optimizes weekly delivery routes to ensure they have the smallest carbon footprint possible. 

mama earth organics

A selection of organic fruits and veggies ready for packing. Image via Mama Earth Organics.

Mama Earth offers customized subscription boxes that allow you to choose from a curated list of fruits, veggies, pantry items, and responsibly-raised meats and seafoods. 

Conscious foodies who want their good eating intentions to last even after they've finished a meal, will be happy to know Mama Earth promotes reusable packaging as a part of their circular food system. All orders are packed in reusable Rubbermaid bins, thermal bags and frozen bins in an effort to reduce single use packaging.

Their weekly subscription model allows you to return the reusable thermal bags, glass jars, and ice packs by leaving them out for your driver to pick up on your next delivery, so nothing ends up wasted or in a landfill.

mama earth organics

Pick a curated meat or seafood crate with a wide range of options to fit any meal. Image via Mama Earth Organics.

If you're already a conscious foodie or are looking to support a sustainable food system, you can snag yourself a deal and taste the difference local makes.

Mama Earth has a special offer for new members, valid between May 1st and July 3rd, so you have the whole summer to start contributing to a subscription box that'll make you feel good about the food you're putting in your body. 

Use the promo code BLOGTO and you'll get 25 per cent off your first three Mama Earth deliveries. See how it works at

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Mama Earth Organics

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