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Transform your daily work grind with the newest Samsung Galaxy laptops

The term "hybrid" is everywhere these days. Whether you're a corporate professional, freelancer, or university student – many of us are now working and playing in a hybrid capacity.

Being flexible means having access to the right tools and tech so you're able to flex between roles and responsibilities – both professional and personal, to get the job done.

From finishing a paper to binge-watching your new favourite show, or juggling calls between devices so you don't lose that 3D pie-chart, these experiences can be seamless and enjoyable with a powerful, fast, and connected laptop.  

Thanks to Samsung Canada, the new Samsung Galaxy Book2 Series is here to help! Compact and powerful, the Galaxy Book2 Pro and Galaxy Book2 Pro 360 feature thin, sleek designs that empower users to slay their hybrid lives with innovative apps and services, high-powered speeds, and tech integrations to help get the job done.

With stunning new colours like Graphite, Silver and Burgundy in the new Galaxy Book2 Pro 360 (2) (13.3” model only), you can flaunt your style and make heads turn everywhere you go. 

Productivity powerhouses

If you’re moving around the city for work or school, the Galaxy Book2 Series is light enough to take anywhere.

And if you’re working 9-5 at a desk, or editing some photos at a coffee shop, the Galaxy Book2 Series laptops are powerhouses. They feature optimized video experiences, top-notch multitasking capabilities and stunning graphics. 

Paired with a Galaxy Tab S8 (3), you can enjoy an extended workspace – credits to the Second Screen feature. Huddling over one laptop screen with your team to edit a presentation or group assignment is a thing of the past, with the added screen real estate. 

samsung galaxy

(4) Photo courtesy of Samsung Canada. (5)

Creativity and entertainment, all in one

With a 1080p HD camera, features like auto framing, Studio Mode (6) and noise-cancelling technology (7), you can attend online classes, last-minute conferences with your boss, or client presentations from wherever you work best, be it a co-working space or your living room/kitchen.

And if you’re creative, a doodler, or just like taking notes the “old school” way, the Galaxy Book2 Pro 360 includes a Galaxy S Pen (8). For design applications, detailed digital work and document markups, it feels just like writing on paper! 

samsung galaxy

Photo courtesy of Samsung Canada. (9)

When you need to wind down from meetings, or disconnect after a long lecture, flip the Galaxy Book2 Pro 360 to convert it from a PC to a tablet and indulge in a few YouTube videos. You’ll marvel at the brilliance and clarity on the stunning AMOLED screen that’s up to 33 per cent brighter (10). 

Galaxy integration to keep up with your lifestyle 

The Galaxy Book2 Series also integrates seamlessly with your other Galaxy devices so you can enjoy your life on the go (11).

Heading out the door or running an errand when a video call hits? Just transfer it over to the Galaxy smartphone and connect the Galaxy Buds2 without missing a beat. And here’s an added bonus - you can share your lecture notes and new working files from the Galaxy Book2 Series with the Samsung Galaxy S22+ through Quick Share (12), just in case you need to make any quick edits during the commute home and call it day! 

All in all – the sleek and versatile Galaxy Book2 Series knocks it out of the park with its long-lasting, fast-charging battery. Pro tip: you can go cordless for hours on a single charge, which also gets you 40 per cent power in 30 minutes! (13) 

Stay in the zone and conquer crazy deadlines… you’ll wonder how you ever lived without a PC that transforms the way you work and play! 

(1) Lead image - An international model is shown. Canadian model is a French/English bilingual keyboard.
(2) Colour selections are available for the Galaxy Book2 Pro 360 13.3” model.
(3) Second screen is available on selected Galaxy Tablet models only, including Galaxy Tab S7, S7+, S7 FE, S8, S8+ and S8 Ultra.
(4) An international model is shown. Canadian model is a French/English bilingual keyboard.
(5) Galaxy products sold separately.
(6) Automatically activated when using the camera. Studio mode may not work correctly when 3rd party video call camera effects (backgrounds, face effects, etc.) are applied simultaneously. Auto framing feature requires face detection and may not work properly if user is wearing a face mask. Features may vary by environment, light condition, apps, device condition and other factors.
(7) Only supports VoIP apps including Zoom, WeChat, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp.
(8) S Pen is only included with the Galaxy Book2 Pro 360. The Galaxy Book2 Pro and S Pen are not compatible.
(9) Galaxy products sold separately
(10) Compared to 2021 Galaxy Book Pro model
(11) Galaxy products sold separately
(12) Quick Share is available on Galaxy Smartphones, Galaxy Tabs, and Galaxy Books, on Android 10 and One UI2.1 and above. Available devices and features may subject to change. Requires BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) and Wi-Fi Direct connection to enable Quick Share.
(13) Battery life tested under third-party laboratory condition. Typical value is the estimated average value considering the deviation in battery capacity among the battery samples tested under IEC 61960 standard. Actual battery life may vary depending on network environment, usage patterns and other factors. Battery pack sold separately. Video playback time is based on results from internal lab tests conducted by Samsung using default settings (Brightness-150 nits, Earphone (default volume), discharged to 2%, Airplane On (Wi-Fi not connected), KBD Backlight Off) when playing local 1080p movie playback, Player-Movies & TV with full screen videos on its screen.

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