porta delivery breakfast

Ontario's first Italian meal delivery service PORTA is adding a breakfast menu

Ontario's first Italian food delivery service curated by culinary teams behind Terroni, now offers breakfast options on their menu. 

PORTA launched at the end of 2021 and aims to bring restaurant quality, ready-to-cook traditional Italian meals that save you on prep and clean up time. 

Four breakfast pastries are now available to add on to your weekly, bi-weekly or monthly box, along with PORTA's eight different pastas, pizzas and four desserts. 

porta delivery breakfast

A selection of PORTA's Italian offerings. Image courtesy PORTA.

The idea for the delivery service stems from the last 25 years, where  Cosimo Mammoliti captivated millions of loyal customers through a love for Italian food at his 12 different eateries across North America. 

PORTA, meaning "door" or "carry", is an expansion of his love for traditional, high-quality food, to make everyone feel like a chef, and enjoy Mammoliti's family recipes in the comfort of their own home.

All the food is handmade by chefs who cook for well-known spots in Toronto like Sud Forno and Spaccio. The only difference with PORTA is you're getting food designed with home cooking in mind – all with free delivery!

porta delivery breakfast

A PORTA chef preparing a new chocolate saccottino pastry. Image courtesy PORTA.

Using time-honoured techniques and the highest quality of ingredients, the chefs flash freeze the food in your box to protect its rich flavours and make it easy to store at home.

PORTA's new pastry category includes hand-rolled butter cornetto, ham and cheese saccottino, chocolate saccottino and cinnamon girella, that can all be prepared in under 30 minutes.

They're priced at $12.99 for a pack of four and come ready-to-bake, so you can smell the aromas of a fresh Italian-style breakfast while getting ready for work in the morning. 

PORTA is now delivering to over 50 different cities and towns across the province, and you can get every meal of the day included in your subscription box by ordering from their website

Try for yourself and save $20 on your first order by using BLOGTO-20 at checkout.

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