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Cyclemotive is one of those bike stores where you get a bit of everything. Affiliated with the older Cycle Shoppe on Queen West, this larger space around the corner on Bathurst allows for a more diverse range of products than is offered at its commuter-oriented "older brother." What that means, more than anything else, is that Cyclemotive is a good place for those looking for entry to mid-level road bikes, high performance hybrid/city bikes, and accessories and parts galore.

Cyclemotive Toronto

As is the case with a lot of general-purpose shops, the price range of bikes on offer is extremely wide, in this case spanning $400 to $10,000. When asked what the so-called sweet spot is, manager Jab Hassanali tells me that the bulk of sales are in the $1000 to $2000 zone, which is what it'll cost you to get into a performance oriented road bike or a 105-equipped performance hybrid. The difference between these two types of bikes is essentially one of geometry and set-up. The road bike will put you in a more aggressive position (with a flatter back) and feature drop handlebars (of course), while the hybrid makes things easier on the back with a slacker head tube angle and flat bars.

Argon 18

Cyclemotive also carries mountain bikes (in regular and 29" models), though they top out at a higher price when one gets into rear suspension (say $3500). A small selection of single speeds, fixed gears, and Electra bikes can also be found around the shop, but are more the specialty at the Cycle Shoppe. Nevertheless, based on a look around the floor, one would be hard-pressed to find a major type of bike not available here (excluding those of the folding and cargo variety).

Shimano Cranks

Brand wise, the three that occupy the most rack space are Giant, Argon 18, and Scott. Of these, I'm most impressed by the supply of Argons they have. This is a Quebec-based manufacture on the rise in the road community (in much the same way that Cervelo was seven or eight years ago), and as far a bang for your buck goes, it's hard to compete when looking for your first high-end road bike. Rounding out their stable are offerings from Masi, Redline, SC Racing and Raleigh.

Cyclemotive Toronto

As is to be expected, the shop does custom fittings for all of its bikes that will be ridden with clipless pedals (if you're feet are moving around a lot, there's no point in refining your fit). They use the Juteau Cantin system, which is well respected and vastly superior to the fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants business that some stores call a custom fit. This is a big deal if you're dropping more than a grand on a bike, so it's a plus in my books when a store takes its fitting skills seriously. Also noteworthy is the fact that the store offers three years worth of full tune-ups with every bike purchase.

Cyclemotive Toronto

The clothing selection isn't particularly vast at Cyclemotive, but all the important stuff is covered with Louis Garneau taking the honours as chief supplier of spandex. Accessories are another story. Even though Hassanali tells me they've yet to receive a bunch of spring/summer stock, it's clear that this is a strong suit — with everything from Zipp wheels to wire baskets to be found scatter around the sales floor or hanging from the ceiling.

I've only been to Cyclemotive a few times, but in each case I've been impressed by how friendly the staff were. This is a solid all-arounder that should be very attractive to downtown residents looking for one shop to service their needs.


Who the store caters to: Everyone, but particularly riders looking to get into performance bikes

Bike price range: $400-$10,000+, most bikes range between $1000 and $2000.

Service capabilities: Everything, hydraulic brake work

The tune-up: For $49 you get complete external adjustment of the bike (bikes, gears, bolts) and a safety check. For $175 you can have your bike stripped to the frame and rebuilt.

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