yonge bistro toronto

Yonge Bistro

Yonge Bistro is Japanese restaurant grilling up kushi—skewered eats—alongside an array of traditional dishes. 

Sitting on a strip of Yonge already stacked with Asian eateries, this understated but comfortable restaurant decidedly sets itself apart with an impressively expansive menu. 

yonge bistro torontoWhile most Japanese restaurants tend to specialize in one particular type of dish, Yonge Bistro's offerings run the full gamut, from Donburi and tempura sets to bowls of udon and ramen.

yonge bistro torontoThey do have a specialty, though: kushi, which come with two skewers each, ranging from $2.99 to $9.99 per order. 

yonge bistro torontoThey're not charcoal grilled, but there are 21 options to choose from, like okra ($3.99), chicken gizzards ($4.99), beef tongue ($8.99) and bacon-wrapped shrimp ($5.99). Some come soaked in a specialty teriyaki-based sauce while others come with a house hot sauce. 

yonge bistro torontoThe eclectic app menu includes unagi tofu ($9.99), a really tasty deep-fried tofu topped with BBQ eel. 

yonge bistro torontoAnother app: AAA striploin tataki served with a side of spicy radish and ginger sauce.

yonge bistro torontoFrom the cutlet-filled and curry-covered don section we opt for the priciest option, an unagi don for $26.99 that gets you a whole BBQ eel filet served on a bed of rice with pickled yellow beets. 

yonge bistro torontoTempura sets range from veggie combos ($11.99) to six pieces of shrimp tempura for $19.99. 

yonge bistro torontoMy favourite thing here is the beef sukiyaki ($16.99), a bowl of sliced beef, bean curds, egg, mushroom, and enoki mushrooms that comes in a sizzling hot pot. 

yonge bistro torontoConsidering the variety of foods, I'm impressed by how Yonge Bistro manages to be a successful Jack of all trades. 

yonge bistro toronto

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Hector Vasquez

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