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Yellowtail Sushi

Yellowtail Sushi is the place to go for AYCE in Markham. Found in a strip mall just off of the 404, the restaurant looks ordinary-enough with booth seating and a sushi bar but the food here is fresh and creative.

yellowtail torontoWhile sushi a la carte is available, the thing to get here is the AYCE lunch ($18.99 to $27.99) or dinner ($29.99).

yellowtail torontoThe Spicy Salmon Sushi Pizza is a wonderful North American creation that's delicious and flavourful but with a bit too much rice which made the pizza not as crispy as I would have liked.

yellowtail torontoIn the Salmon Rose, the rice-to-salmon ratio is just right, and the fish is almost melt-in-your-mouth smooth. I could stuff my whole AYCE order with just this stuff.

yellowtail torontoThe Tempura Yam and Crispy & Spicy hand rolls are tasty enough and filling too so make sure not to order too many at once.

yellowtail torontoThe grilled salmon belly comes slightly charred and chock-full of the fattiness.

yellowtail torontoThe tempura shrimp is satisfying, as is the fried scallop served with a dollop of mayo.

yellowtail torontoFrom their signature rolls, I love the Spicy Salmon Skin with crisp salmon skin and cucumber topped with spicy mayo.

yellowtail torontoThe Summer’s Love Roll comes with avocado, cucumber, tamago, and crab meat drizzled in bright spicy mayonnaise.

yellowtail torontoAnd while there's plenty of sushi and sashimi on the AYCE menu too, , you can also upgrade with some premium fish options a la carte like the hamachi (+$2 each), herring roe (+$1.50 each), red tuna (+$2.50 each) and aka ebi (+$5 each).

yellowtail toronto

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Yellowtail Sushi

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