Yeah Yeahs Pizza Toronto

Yeah Yeahs Pizza

Yeah Yeahs Pizza comes to us from Nova Scotia through a partnership with Boxcar Social. The only thing that could replace the amazing cocktails at Clocktower Bar is the amazing pizza Chris Ioannou and John Baker discovered on the east coast.

Part owner of Anchored Coffee Dean Petty opened the first Yeah Yeahs in Dartmouth, and this second-ever iteration is basically a direct transplant branding, business and menu-wise, that last one due in large part to chef Kyle McAskill of The Slip.

Yeah Yeahs Pizza TorontoAforementioned branding includes pizza cartoons stencilled all over the walls, which took three days, as well as a neon sign of the same character.

Yeah Yeahs Pizza Toronto

Other than that it’s the same immediate steep staircase as soon as you walk in the door with a bar facing the window and the same lamps and small lining the left-hand-side wall on the upper level.

Yeah Yeahs Pizza Toronto

Basic pies like The White ($24) come sliding out of the kitchen at an astonishing rate during rushes, carved up into slices ($5.25) for quick consumption. This one has parm, mozzarella, fior de latte, roasted mushrooms, charred green onion, and a hit of lemon.

The Pepperoni ($22, $5 for a slice) is freaking exquisite, topped simply with sweet tomato sauce, a thin layer of mozzarella, and small pepperoni. Each pepperoni edge is curled to capture a tiny pool of oil.

Yeah Yeahs Pizza Toronto

They do a 24-hour ferment for their dough, which yields a very fluffy dough with those coveted giant bubbles and a crispy, crunchy crust.

Yeah Yeahs Pizza Toronto

The style is pretty much just straight up Canadian, but it’s closest to New York meets Italian traditional.

Yeah Yeahs Pizza Toronto

The garlic fingers ($17) are pretty much as legendary as the pies here, just as big and just as simple, topped only with a greasy, slippery layer of garlic butter and mozzarella.

Yeah Yeahs Pizza TorontoThin and crispy, the fingers (more like squares) are served with a sweet donair sauce.

Yeah Yeahs Pizza Toronto

There are actually salads here too, and they are actually good. Grains and greens ($5 for a small size) is a tasty combination of arugula, halved cherry tomatoes, onion and grains with a generous amount of light, oily dressing.

Yeah Yeahs Pizza Toronto

Their own lemonade ($2.50) is on tap.

Yeah Yeahs Pizza TorontoMore on the sweet than the tart side, a true balm for dehydration while not watery in the slightest.

Yeah Yeahs Pizza Toronto

Versus Lager is also on offer for $8 and I don’t need to tell you how well that washes down pizza, and there’s also red and white wine by the glass ($12) or bottle ($55).

Yeah Yeahs Pizza Toronto

There’s now a small Nintendo console smooshed into a corner.

Yeah Yeahs Pizza TorontoA window provides ease of pizza delivery to next door Boxcar Social, which, yes, now serves this pizza in the cafe bar instead of charcuterie.

Yeah Yeahs Pizza Toronto

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