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Wei's Taiwanese

Wei’s Taiwanese Food is tucked inside a nondescript Scarborough strip plaza. It’s all but invisible from the main road. Look a little harder, and you’ll find a humble establishment cooking up excellent old-fashioned Taiwanese food made from scratch.

weis TaiwaneseAlmost every Taiwanese favourite is available here including Stinky Tofu ($5.99). It's definitely an acquired taste, but it’s their absolute best-seller.

weis TaiwaneseFor the fainter of heart, stick to the Fried Crispy Chicken ($5.99). It's so tasty it doesn’t require any dipping sauce. I could eat these all day.

weis TaiwaneseTheir lunch boxes offer tremendous value. Case in point is the Taiwanese Style Sausage Rice ($6.49). With sweet sausages and a smattering of vegetable side dishes, it’s the perfect combo lunch meal.

weis TaiwaneseThe Three Cup Chicken Rice ($6.49) is what you should get if you’re looking for bento-style lunches. This traditional Taiwanese chicken dish is tender and well-seasoned.

weis TaiwaneseI have mixed feelings about the Pork Intestine and Meat Thick Noodle ($6.49). While the thick, lightly brown coloured broth has nice texture, I can’t get over the slightly sour undertones.

weis TaiwaneseI much prefer the very satisfying Beef Noodle Soup ($6.99). It's a heaping bowl of chewy udon-like noodles with seasoned beef and a delicious broth.

weis TaiwaneseAnother Taiwanese favourite, often found in night markets, is the Oyster Omelette ($6.99). A sticky pancake-like batter holds all those oysters together just so well.

weis TaiwaneseThe Peanut Sticky Rice Sausage ($3.99) is one of the more visually arresting dishes there, sort of like a mini hot dog with a bun made of sticky rice. It's shewy and surprisingly filling given its small size.

weis TaiwaneseDon't miss the Rice Tube Pudding. It also uses seasoned sticky rice, which is put into a cup-like container before being turned upside-down to give it the tubular-like shape.

weis TaiwaneseWhen it comes to Wei’s Taiwanese Food, the old adage rings true: don’t judge a book by its covers. Its drab exterior belies a symphony of cheap and tasty Taiwanese favourites.

weis Taiwanese

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Wei's Taiwanese

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Wei's Taiwanese

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