A few days ago I had dinner at Torito, a new Spanish tapas restaurant on Augusta in Kensington Market . I had a hunger to go there for a while. I think it was something to do with the big yellow sign that I was staring at through the windows of Rice Bar when I was having lunch there a couple weeks back.

It all started with the name. I was confused. Was it Toritu or Torito? I couldn't really tell as the O looks like a U as it takes the shape of a ring through the bull's nose. Confusion breeds curiosity which in turn breeds the need to consume copius amounts of fish and red wine. So off to the tapas joint I went to see what they were grilling up.

With tapas it pays (figuratively) to order as much as possible in order to get a sampling of a wide range of dishes. Since there were five of us, I managed to get a pretty good taste. The results?

Torito Food

Great! I loved this place. Best of the bunch was the grilled kingfish with Basquaise sauce; fish ceviche with corn and yam; orange, radishes, toasted pepitas, red oak lettuce salad with sherry vinaigrette; the spanish tortilla; and the apple-banana (plantain) gratin for dessert.

Torito Restaurant

Photos by Tanja

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