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T-Swirl Crepe

T-Swirl serves up a huge assortment of savoury and sweet crepe-related goodies. It's located in an almost-hidden corner of Langham Square, a semi-obscure shopping complex better known by locals as the T&T Plaza on Kennedy .

This is actually the first GTA location of a large New York-based chain. The crepes here have a slight crunch so don't expect them to be super thin and soft.

tswirl Toronto

Seating is limited here - it's definitely more of a take-out spot but there are a handful of places to sit for a while.

tswirl toronto

From the savoury crepe menu, my personal favourite is the Angus Short Ribs ($12.95). They're filled with Angus beef ribs, julienned carrots, red onions, string beans and other veggies and drizzled with chipotle aioli and a sweet tofu sauce.

tswirl toronto

The T-Swirl BLT ($11.95) comes with smoked bacon, chopped lettuce, organic boiled eggs, grape tomatoes, fresh avocado, chipotle aioli and sesame dressing. It's a great twist on a traditional BLT sandwich.

tswirl toronto

I'm not quite sold on the Smoked Salmon ($11.95) with cream cheese. The sauce-less crepe feels too dry for me, given how stuffed it is with vegetables like string beans and baby spinach. A dash of spicy mayo would've taken it up a notch.

tswirl Toronto

Over on the sweet side, the Blueberry NY Cheesecake ($9.95) is a must-order. Rich and indulgent vanilla gelato, whipped cream cheese and custard is topped with blueberries and almonds. Yum.

I have mixed feelings about the Chocolate Nut Party ($9.95). Chocolate gelato, chocolate sauce, chocolate custard cream and handmade chocolate truffles, might actually be a case of chocolate overload.

tswirl toronto

The Matcha Azuki Bean ($9.95) is creamy matcha gelato paired with matcha custard cream, red bean and sliced strawberries. It's sweet but doesn't go overboard.

tswirl Toronto

Posted by Darren "DKLo" Susilo. When not writing for blogTO he can usually be found tweeting here or delaying mealtimes everywhere by posting pictures here . Photos by Hector Vasquez.

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